2020 New Arrival COB LED Strip Light

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COB LED strip as a linear non spot light strip launched by various LED light source manufacturer in recent years, has subverted the traditional people's recognition of the SMD LED light strip. The production process of this type of COB light strips is completely different from that of the traditional SMD LED light strip. The following is to analyze the differences between them:


The materials used in traditional SMD LED flexible strip light are: flexible circuit board PCB, SMD LED light source, solder paste, reel, back glue;

LED strip COB materials are: LED chip, circuit board, silica gel, solder paste, reel, back glue;

2.Production Process:

The traditional SMD LED light strip adopts SMT technology. The light strip beads are welded on the circuit board by SMT technology, and then the waterproof grade is achieved by applying glue externally.

Cob LED light strip is directly fixed on PCB board by packaging manufacturer with high-precision flip chip technology, and then directly realizes luminous color and waterproof through silica gel coating


Traditional SMD LED light strip has developed for more than ten years. All supply links and suppliers are very mature. Each supply chain has fierce competition and transparent market. At present, businesses are operating mode of low profit and high turnover. Compared with COB LED light strip, it has a great advantage in cost. Flexible COB LED strip development time is short. In short term, it has no advantage in cost compared with traditional light belt. With the maturity of technology, COB LED light strip has a great advantage.


Therefore, there is a bigger certain profit margin for COB LED light strip in present market. Its biggest advantage is that the uniform luminous effect is softer and more comfortable than SMD LED light strip, and there is no spot and dark area. It is believed that COB LED strip light will gradually occupy a part of the market in commercial and home lighting.

Our COB LED light strip regular lumen is 90-100lm/W, 12V COB LED strip and 24V/5V type is available, 3 years warranty, if you are interested in this product, welcome to contact with us.( We can provide customized COB LED light strips, including custom size, voltage, CCT color, and CRI, etc.