2021 Guangzhou GILE International Exhibition

Source:BENORY INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd    Author:Andygui    Visit:0    Pubtime:2021-11-19 15:14:45

Direct impact on the GILE International Exhibition: appreciate the current scenery and explore the new decade of LED lighting.


On 3th-6th, Aug., 2021, the 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) opened in the exhibition hall of China Import and Export Commodities Fair. Under the background of the volatile epidemic situation and the unstable global economic environment, the challenges and opportunities of the lighting industry coexist, and the lighting manufacturers not only face the difficulties, but also take advantage of the wind to build a dream, which precisely confirms the theme of this year's light and Asia exhibition-the present can be done and the future can be expected.


Looking back on nearly a year, driven by market segments such as plant lighting, intelligent lighting (health lighting), intelligent street lamps, automobile lighting, landscape lighting, and UV LED, new business opportunities continue to burst out in the lighting industry, and ushered in a new period of vigorous development, while Guanya Exhibition has naturally become a big stage for the application of products to show "capabilities" in these segments.

It is worth noting that 2.1 Pavilion has specially set up an ecological exhibition area for night excursions, focusing on seven major areas, such as owners, investors, content planning, scheme design, innovative products, project construction, project operation, and so on. it is helpful to the formation of a new business model for the development of literature and tourism.


According to LEDinside, China Branch Sanan, National Star Optoelectronics, Hongli Zhihui, Crystal platform Optoelectronics, Yi Mei Core Light, Hilda Electronics, Sanxiong Aurora, Foshan Lighting, Reese Lighting, the same side Optoelectronics, Tupu Technology, Chau Ming Technology, Langminas, Lidda, Red 100, Dorp Optoelectronics, WELLMAX and other middle and lower reaches lighting manufacturers all unveiled, each by showing the latest products and technology, taking the audience to appreciate the new scenery of the lighting world.