India actively embraces LED

Source:LEDinside    Author:Andygui    Visit:43    Pubtime:2018-12-12 13:09:37
Held a few days ago in New Delhi, India, involving residential lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting, etc., this year's exhibition focuses on energy efficiency, intelligent lighting solutions and equipment.

At the opening ceremony, Shri Venkatesh Dwivedi, general manager of (EESL), an energy efficiency services company under the Ministry of electricity, spoke about the progress of LED in India.

He said more than 300m light bulbs had been distributed to Indian consumers under the UJALA programme ("replace all inefficient bulbs with efficient LED bulbs") by June 2019. Nearly 14 million streetlights are expected to be replaced by efficient LED lights across India's city-local institutions. Another 20 million street lights could also be replaced with LED.

Regarding India's plans and steps for building a "smart nation," he also announced, "the next step will be the intelligent lighting system, which will help us provide energy efficiency of 5-10%." The government plans to introduce smart meters across India. 10 million smart meters have been procured in four states. As part of the Smart City concept, smart meters and smart lights complement each other to help us provide a variety of other services. "(compile: le inside James)