Tuya Inc. join hands with Brazilian Lighting Enterprise Gaya to develop Intelligent Lighting Market

Source:    Author:huang, Mia    Visit:4    Pubtime:2021-11-09 14:57:53
On November 4th, Tuya Inco. announced a strategic partnership with Brazilian lighting company Gaya, which will jointly expand the Brazilian intelligent lighting and other smart products market.

It is reported that Gaya has the most perfect product portfolio in the Brazilian lighting market. Because of its favorable price and excellent after-sales service, Gaya occupies a good market share in both the Brazilian civil and commercial lighting market.

Since 2020, Gaya has cooperated with Tuya Inc, in the field of intelligent lighting to develop intelligent products with low code or no code through the TUYA IoT development platform.

WithTUYA's rich development resources, Gaya quickly creates its own APP and upgrades its product line. Up to now, Gaya has launched more than ten kinds of smart products, including smart light bulb, smart LED light belt, smart socket, smart filament lamp and so on.

In addition to intelligent lighting products, Gaya also launched intelligent switches and intelligent general-purpose infrared controllers in October, and plans to expand smart products in other areas, such as fitness, in 2022.

In addition, Gaya's smart categories are added to the "Powered by Tuya" (PBT) open ecology, affixed with the PBT logo. In this environment, Gaya has achieved interconnection and integration with more than 410000 Powered by Tuya smart devices, and users can easily control all PBT products enabled by graffiti through Gaya APP, making the intelligent experience more convenient and efficient.

Tuya Inc. said that Tuya will continue to provide technical support for Gaya and help Gaya broaden its product line to further meet the needs of consumers. At the same time, the IoT industry is in a period of rapid development, with Gaya and Tuya inc. in more smart categories to carry out in-depth cooperation, the two sides will pry into a larger smart market. (source: Tuya Inc.)