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Customized LED Module
    • Customized LED Module

    Customized LED Module

    Item No.: BNL-MXX
    Category: New Product
    Size: As required
    Base material: Aluminium
    LED brand: Epistar/ San'an
    Layer count: 1 layer or 2 layer
    Surface treartment: HASL(HAL)
    Board thickness 1.6mm Copper thi​ckness:1oz
    LED: SMD5050/5730/SMD2835/SMD3528/SMD3014/SMD3030
    Pubtime:2019-11-11 17:30:09
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    OEM design different size and shape LED modules, rigid LED strip, flexible led strip, led lightiing source and components etc.

    1.Energy saving and environmental friendly.

    2.Different sizes and shape can be customized

    3.High quality products, Europoean and US standard

    4.Various of LED density optional, e.g. 3LED, 6LED, 8LED and so on

    5.White, warm white, red, green, blue, yellow color, RGB etc available.

    6.Long lifetime,5% attenuation after 2500 hours,life time is 80000-100000 hours

    7.SMD3528/SMD5050/SMD5730/SMD3014/SMD3030 LED adopted,high brightness ,stable performance.


    1.Indoor and outdoor decoration.

    2.Architectural and boutique atmosphere lighting.
    3.Back, concealed, channel letter lighting.

    4.Emergency & security, advertisement sign lighting.
    5.Holiday Decoration.

    Our Service:

    1.We are profession manufactory LED products in China, offer competitive price with high quality.
    2.OEM &ODM LED modules and strip are welcome
    3.Satisfied after-sales service,welcome all requires,and we will reply it in 24 hours.
    4.Unique appearance design and recommended services are offered

    We have:
    1. 10 years experience
    2. Customized design solutions
    3. OEM & ODM avaiable ,SMD DIP components assembly
    4. Short lead time & high quality