Dungeon Technology and UL Plan to Cooperate into the Lighting Market.

Source:LEDinside    Author:Andygui    Visit:4    Pubtime:2021-11-27 15:16:21

Under the opportunity of the globalization of intelligent industry, Dungeon Technology and UL dig deep into the lighting market.

After the transformation from traditional lighting to LED lighting, the lighting industry is gradually divided and developed in the era of continuous innovation. Driven by the upgrading of consumption and technological progress, the meaning of lighting has gone beyond lighting itself, and various "labels" such as "health", "comfort", "wisdom" and "safety" have been added, which means that lighting enterprises have been given more responsibilities.

At the same time, with the rapidly changing global economic environment and ever-changing industry demand, lighting enterprises not only usher in more opportunities, but also inevitably face the obstacles of some objective factors when operating the global market strategy. or it has reached a bottleneck in some areas. therefore, the demand for breakthrough and innovation of enterprises is becoming stronger and stronger.

Under such background and opportunity, Shanghai Dun GE Guang Technology Co., Ltd. (DANGOO, hereinafter referred to as "Dun GE Guang Technology"), together with global safety science expert UL to dig deep into the lighting market, in order to better and faster respond to the needs of the globalization of the intelligent industry. On November 6, 2021, Dungeon Technology and UL signed a memorandum of cooperation during the Expo. Based on the common concept, the two sides further clarified their determination to work together to improve product recognition and promote the development of the industry in the smart era.

After the signing ceremony of the cooperation memorandum, LEDinside of the Optoelectronic Research Office of TrendForce Jibang Consulting conducted an interview with Mr. Zhu Xiang, General Manager of UL HVAC and Lighting Division, and Dr. Huafeng Yan, General Manager of Dun Geguang Technology, to gain a better understanding of the development goals, planning and vision of Dun GE Guang Technology and UL.

Dunge Light Technology ploughs the lighting market with the attitude of comprehensive and diversified development.
UL high-quality service helps enterprises to form a differentiated competitive advantage.


Admittedly, the LED lighting industry in the new era has gradually formed a mutually beneficial and win-win new situation of a strong alliance, which is the so-called "single silk without a line, a single tree without a forest", and the development of the industry also needs such a "perfect match". I believe that the combination of Dunge Light Technology and UL can create higher value for consumers in more fields, and the results of cooperation between the two sides are worth looking forward to!