TUYA intelligent Cooperate With Chuangli Century, Work to Intelligent Lighting Filed

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TUYA intelligent Cooperate With Chuangli Century, Work to Intelligent Lighting Filed

2021-05-06 11:51:37 [Editor: Lynn1212].

Intelligent lighting continues to heat up. After the combination of elegant intelligence and Foshan lighting, Sidon lighting and graffiti intelligence, intelligent lighting ushered in a new combination.

On April 26, TUYA Intelligence and Creative Century reached a cooperation and announced that they would share resource advantages in the dimensions of intelligent electrician and lighting market.

It is understood that Chuangli Century was founded in 2012, focusing on the R & D and production of intelligent lighting products, with rich technical development experience in the field of lamp belt controller and a wide range of domestic and foreign cooperative customer groups.

In previous collaborations, Chuangli has developed dozens of different intelligent lighting products and applications based on the graffiti IoT development platform.

This time, TUYA Intelligence said that it will continue to provide technical support for Chuangli Century, help Chuangli Century develop more intelligent products, upgrade from "super developer" to "super factory", and become the core integrator in domestic IoT field. After the upgrade is successful, the graffiti smart industry solution will help Chuangli Century to remotely co-ordinate production tasks and check the status of the production line in real time, so as to achieve efficient management of the production line, effectively reduce the number of abnormal production, and shorten the delivery cycle.
Not long ago, Graffiti Intelligence just reached a cooperation with Sidon Lighting.

It is understood that on April 6, Sidon Lighting and TUYA Intelligence held a cooperation signing ceremony. The two sides announced that they will work together in the field of smart lighting and jointly open up more business opportunities in the future.

Yagan Intelligence announced on April 9 that it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Foshan Lighting, which mainly includes the intelligent upgrading of products and in-depth cooperation in the real estate collection plate.

According to the strategic agreement, Yagan Intelligence will provide PaaS+SaaS services for all categories of products online in Foshan. Based on Akeeta intelligent solution, Yagan Intelligence will provide end-to-end one-stop solution for Foshan lighting online products, including converged access, cloud platform services, as well as APP generation, scene fusion and voice control solutions, helping Foshan lighting products to achieve intelligent upgrade.

In fact, under the wave of intelligence, intelligent lighting is ushering in a new round of development. The outline of the 14th five-year Plan also proposes the application of induction control, voice control, remote control and other technical means to develop intelligent lighting and other industries. In this context, various places have issued intelligent lighting related policies to promote the development of intelligent lighting industry.

Outside the policy side, driven by cloud computing, 5G, IoT and other technologies in recent years, the lighting industry is leaping from LED lighting based on semiconductor devices to intelligent lighting based on the Internet of things. TrendForce Jibang Consulting believes that lighting products are further developing towards digital intelligent dimming control lamps and lanterns. I believe that in the future, the lighting industry will also pay more attention to the intelligent systematization of products, human health lighting and subdivision of application market demand. (LEDinside Lynn finishing).

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